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The iPhone 5 design


Over the years, Apple tried to bring out the best out of their designs in order to make their gadgets more pleasant for the customers. But did iPhone 5 get up to the standard that Apple set for themselves.

I guess the answer to that is a no. When the first iPhone came out, the device looked great. A major changes was made in the 3G. Then, 3Gs announced a new design. It was smoother, easier to use and it was a lot faster. iPhone 4 gave the impression that it was flatter, and had a bigger screen, but the device itself did maintain its proportions up to iPhone 4s.

The public was basically educated for devices that were as big as the 4s, and lighter by the generation to come. With iPhone 5, Apple will have to convince people that larger is better. The screen is bigger, the phone is longer. Although it doesn’t weight as much as the 4s, iPhone 5 will not be appreciated by Apple fans due to it’s longer length.

By bringing the iPhone closer to the iPads, Apple might target Samsung’s Galaxy S fans as well. After claiming rights for their designs, the concept of Apple iPhone 5 will create a lot of rumoring about it’s resemblance to the Samsung smartphone gender.

Still, the performance is without a doubt the best it can be on the market today. So, in that area, Apple didn’t and will never fail.