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The anonymous Romanian bloggers and their extraordinary accomplishments


The world might not know about the Romanian bloggers or about the Romanian blogosphere, but their achievements will definitively be remembered. This article is about the runners-up in the Romanian blogosphere.

In 2011, a group of bloggers from Bacau created the first NGO in Romania which is dedicated to the local blogosphere. Florin Popescu, blogger and  former journalist, Cristian Ghingheș, student and winner of Roblogfest in 2010, Gabi Mihai, journalist, Cristina Mariana Cucu, local and national TV reporter and George Săcăleanu, founder of,  were among the first members of Divanul Adblog  NGO.

In the fall of 2011, members of Divanul AdBlog were given the opportunity to create a project in which bloggers, students, teachers or other locals from every town or village of Bacău County were able to „spread information” by publishing on a mutual news site. The project was appreciated and financed by the County Council and was mentioned as being the first project of this kind in Romania. National „A-Lister”, Cristian Birta, called it: „an exceptional initiative”.

As for the members of Divanul AdBlog, Cristian Ghingheș, the vice-president and youngest among the founders, became the Honorific President of the Students County Council (Consiliul Judetean al Elevilor). He was invited to participate in various student projects and he helped in the development of „They depend on us”, a project dedicated to institutionalized children. He was also declared as one of the ambassadors of „We draw the future” – the NGO who started the project.

One of the “latest members”, Mihai Enășel, managed to obtain a scholarship in Poland, by applying to Erasmus. By using his passion for media production, Mihai created a time leap movie in which he wanted to show the world the beauty of  Wroclaw. Soon after he published the clip, he was contacted by a local newspaper and he made the news in one of the best local papers: Tu Wroclaw.  After that, The Wroclaw University of Tehnology published a review from Mihai on their Prospective Students page.

On the other side of Romania, an association from Arad, AmVest, wanted to gather the local bloggers for projects in the western part of the country. Daniel Mitre, local blogger and president of AmVest, started various projects in which he was helped by bloggers such as Silviu Cozma, Adrian Rotar, Florin Rușanu and many others. ”We discover Arad”, for example, was started in order to inform society about the problems which could be found in their region. Over 200 teenagers participated in this project and it was called “The Great Adventure” by the press.

Daniel Mitre took the initiative other projects like: “We are human” (social responsibility awareness), “A chance for chance” (charity), “A more cleaner Arad” (cleaning actions), “Summer of toys” (social responsibility awareness), “Hello Arad” (workshops and seminars for journalism, public relations and social media marketing) and many others. Later this year, he will go to Africa for the infamous Roots of Education project.

Following Daniel’s need to go through life and care, Florin Rușanu, member of AmVest, and cofounder (with me) of, had the courage to make some personal projects. For once, he will participate in the Romanian version of Strictly Come Dancing for a fellow blogger called Zolty Bogata. As for charity, Florin participated in a swimming competition to raise funds for children with autism. He swum 2,35 km in 47 laps, and the competition raised about 30,000 euros. To make the swimming part more interesting, Florin promised on that he will swim a lap for every donation, no matter what the amount was.

Note that these are only the bloggers that managed to catch my attention. I’m sure that Romania is full of bloggers with initiative, but most of them didn’t have the time to make their actions transparent. I wouldn’t mind to create a series based on their actions and their achievements  Well done!