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Sentences with “you”, “your” and “you’re”


  1. You can’t ask him to do your homework.
  2. I can’t believe you did this.
  3. You can never know.
  4. There are things for which you must work to obtain.
  5. You can stop asking questions and start getting answers.

  6. There’s no way you drew this.
  7. He doesn’t really know you.
  8. This journey was made so that you‘d learn something.
  9. She’s going to help you with your essay.
  10. You must learn in order to pass this exam.

  1. They couldn’t tell if that was really your book report.
  2. Stop telling me your problems.
  3. John can always count on your sense of humor.
  4. There’s never enough room for your stuff.
  5. I’m going to give your money back very soon.
  6. Take this book. It’s yours.
  7. Your next exam is scheduled for this friday.
  8. Just give her your email.
  9. I just voted for your photo.
  10. Stop giving your facebook account to everyone.


  1.  He will ask for you when you’re ready.
  2. I hope you’re sure about this.
  3. You’re one step behind Tom.
  4. I can’t say if you’re going to study or not.
  5. You’re just trying to make a friends.
  6. And now you’re telling me that you decided to go to New Orleans?