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List of Irregular Verbs. Part 4


Present Inf. Past Tense   Past Participle Present Participle


To saw Sawed Sawn/sawed Sawing
To say Said Said Saying
To see Saw Seen Seeing
To seek Sought Sought Seeking
To sell Sold Sold Selling
To send Sent Sent Sending
To set Set Set Setting
To sew Sewed Sewed/sewn Sewing
To shake Shock Shaken Shaking
To shear Sheared/shore Shorn/sheared Shearing
To shed Shed Shed Shedding
To shine Shone Shone Shining
To shoe Shod Shod Shoeing
To shoot Shot Shot Shooting
To show Showed Showed Showing
To shrink Shrank Shrunk/shrunken Shrinking
To shut Shut Shut Shutting
To sing Sang Sung Singing
To sink Sank Sunk Sinking
To sit Sat Sat Sitting
To slay Slew Slain Slaying
To sleep Slept Slept Sleeping
To slide Slid Slid/sliden Sliding
To slit Slit Slit Slitting
To smell Smelt Smelt Smelling
To sow Sowed Sown/sowed Sowing
To speak Spoke Spoken Speaking
To speed Sped/speeded Sped/speeded Speeding
To spell Spelt/spelled Spelt/spelled Spelling
To spend Spent Spent Spending
To spill Spilt/spilled Spilt/spilled Spilling
To spin Spun/span Spun Spinning
To spit Spat/spit Spat/spit Spitting
To split Split Split Splitting
To spoil Spoilt Spoilt/spoiled Spoiling
To spread Spread Spread Spreading
To spring Sprang Sprung Springing
To stand Stood Stood Standing
To steal Stole Stolen Steeling
To stick Stuck Stuck Sticking
To sting Stung Stung Stinging
To stink Stank/stunk Stunk Stinking
To strike Struck Struck/stricken Striking
To string Strung Strung Stringing
To strive Strove Striven Striving
To swear Swore Sworn Swearing
To sweep Swept Swept Sweeping
To swell Swelled Swollen/swelled Swelling
To swim Swam Swum Swimming
To swing Swung Swung Swinging
To take Took Taken Taking
To teach Taught Taught Teaching
To tear Tore Torn Tearing
To tell Told Told Telling
To think Thought Thought Thinking
To throw Threw Thrown Throwing
To thrust Thrust Thrust Thrusting
To tread Trod Trodden/trod Treading
To unbend Unbent Unbent Unbending
To unbind Unbound Unbound Unbinding
To undergo Underwent Undergone Undergoing
To undersell Undersold Undersold Underselling
To understand Understood Understood Understanding
To undertake Undertook Undertaken Undertaking
To undo Undid Undone Undoing
To upset Upset Upset Upsetting
To wake Woke/waked Waked/woken Waking
To wear Wore Worn Wearing
To weave Wove Wove/woven Weaving
To wed Wedded Wedded/wed Wedding
To weep Wept Wept Weeping
To win Won Won Winning
To wind Wound Wound Winding
To withdraw Withdrew Withdrew Withdrawing
To withhold Withheld Withheld Withholding
To withstand Withstood Withstood Withstanding
To write Wrote Written Writing

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