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List of Irregular Verbs. Part 3


Present Inf. Past Tense   Past Participle Present Participle


To lade Laded Laden/laded Lading
To lay Laid Laid Laying
To lead Led Led Leading
To lean Leant/leaned Leant/leaned Leaning
To leap Leapt/leaped Leapt/leaped Leaping
To learn Learnt/learned Learnt/learned Learning
To leave Left Left Leaving
To lend Lent Lent Lending
To let Let Let Letting
To lie Lay Lay Lying
To light Lighted/lit Lighted/lit Lighting
To lose Lost Lost Losing
To make Made Made Making
To mean Meant Meant Meaning
To meet Met Met Meeting
To melt Melted Melted Melting
To misgive Misgave Misgiven Misgiving
To mislay Mislaid Mislaid Mislaying
To mislead Misled Misled Misleading
To mistake Mistook Mistaken Mistaking
To misunderstand Misunderstood Misunderstood Misunderstanding
To mow Mowed Mowed/mown Mowing
To outride Outrode Outridden Outriding
To outrun Outran Outrun Outrunning
To overcast Overcast Overcast Overcasting
To overcome Overcame Overcome Overcoming
To overdo Overdid Overdone Overdoing
To overeat Overate Overeaten Overeating
To overfeed Overfed Overfed Overfeeding
To overlie Overlay Overlain Overlaying
To overrun Overran Overrun Overrunning
To oversee Oversaw Overseen Overseeing
To overset Overset Overset Oversetting
To oversleep Overslept Overslept Oversleeping
To overtake Overtook Overtaken Overtaking
To overthrow Overthrew Overthrown Overthrowing
To partake Partook Partaken Partaking
To pay Paid Paid Paying
To put Put Put putting
To read Read Read Reading
To rend Rent Rent Rending
To repay Repaid Repaid Repaying
To reset Reset Reset Resetting
To retell Retold Retold Retelling
To rid Rid/ridden Rid/ridden Ridding
To ride Rode Ridden Riding
To ring Rang Rung Ringing
To rise Rose Risen Rising
To rive Rived Riven/rived Riving
To run Ran Run running

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