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List of Irregular Verbs. Part 2


Present Inf. Past Tense   Past Participle Present Participle


To eat Ate Eaten Eating
To fall Fell Fallen Falling
To feed Fed Fed Feeding
To feel Felt Felt Feeling
To fight Fought Fought Fighting
To find Found Found Finding
To flee Fled Fled Fleeing
To fly Flew Flown Flying
To forbear Forbore Forborne Forbearing
To forbid Forbade Forbidden Forbidding
To forecast Forecast(ed) Forecast(ed) Forecasting
To forego Forewent Foregone Foregoing
To foreknow Foreknew Foreknown Foreknowing
To foresee Foresaw Foreseen Foreseeing
To foretell Foretold Foretold Foretelling
To forget Forgot Forgotten Forgetting
To forgive Forgave Forgiven Forgiving
To forsake Forsook Forsaken Forsaking
To forswear Forswore Forsworn Forswearing
To freeze Froze Frozen Freezing
To gainsay Gainsaid Gainsaid Gainsaying
To get Got/gotten Got/gotten Getting
To gird Girt/girded Girt/girded Girding
To give Gave Given Giving
To go Went Gone Going
To grave Graved Graved/graven Graving
To grind Ground Ground Grinding
To grow Grew Grown Growing
To hang Hung/hanged Hung/hanged Hanging
To have Had Had Having
To hear Heard Heard Hearing
To hide Hid Hid/hidden Hiding
To hit Hit Hit Hitting
To hold Held Held Holding
To hurt Hurt Hurt Hurting
To inlay Inlaid Inlaid Inlaying
To keep Kept Kept Keeping
To kneel Knelt/kneeled Knelt/kneeled Kneeling
To knit Knit/knitted Knit/knitted Knitting
To know Knew Known Knowing

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