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List of Irregular Verbs. Part 1


Present Inf. Past Tense   Past Participle Present Participle


to arise arose arisen arising
to awake awoke awaked awaking
to backbite backbit backbitten backbiting
to be was/were been being
to bear bore born bearing
to beat beat beaten beating
to become became become becoming
to beget begot begotten begetting
to begin began begun beginning
to bend bent bent/bended bending
to beset beset beset besetting
to bid bid/bade bid/bidden bidding
to bind bound bound binding
to bite bit bit/bitten biting
to bleed bled bled bleeding
to blend blent/blended blent/blended blending
to bless blessed/blest blessed/blest blessing
to blow blew blown blowing
to break broke broken breaking
to breed bred bred breeding
to bring brought brought bringing
to broadcast broadcast broadcast broadcasting
to build built built building
to burn burnt/burned burnt burning
to burst burst burst bursting
to buy bought bought buying
to cast cast cast casting
to catch caught caught catching
to chide chid chid/chidden chiding
to choose chose chosen choosing
to cleave cleft/clove cleft/clove cleaving
to cling clung clung clinging
to clothe clothed/clad clothed/clad clothing
to come came come coming
to cost cost cost costing
to creep crept crept creeping
to crow crowed/crew crowed crowing
to cut cut cut cutting
to dare dared/durst dared daring
to deal dealt dealt dealing
to dig dug dug digging
to do did done doing
to draw drew drawn drawing
to dream dreamed/dreamt dreamed/dreamt dreaming
to drink drank drunk drinking
to drive drove driven driving
to dwell dwelt dwelt dwelling

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