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How to install Borland C++ on Windows 8 and avoid “Application can’t run on your PC. Contact with your software publisher”


A lot of complaints were made regarding my video on how to install Borland C++ 3.1 on Windows 8. To some of you, Borland C++ can be installed with just a few clicks, but to others there is an error which could pop-up. In this article I will guide you to install Borland C++ on Windows 8 without running into the following error: “Application can’t run on your PC. Contact with your software publisher”.

As you probably already figured it out, this error is about compatibility. Apparently, Borland C++ 3.1 is not compatible with Windows 8 and therefor cannot be installed properly. Still, there is a way.

First of all, you will need to download and install DosBox for Windows. You can easily install the 32 bit version on a 64-bit OS. The download page is here:

After you install it, go to and download an archived copy of Borland C++

  • After you completed the first two steps, it’s time to begin the installation:
  • extract the files from the Borland C++ archive you just downloaded to your C:\ drive
  • rename the folder into Borland (it will be easier to get to it)
  • start Dosbox and type in the following command: mount c: c:\ 
  • after that you will be able to install Borland C++ as if you were running an old MS-DOS Machine. Just type in the following command to begin the installation process:
  • C:
  • cd Borland
  • cd bin
  • install
  • don’t forget to hit enter after every command
  • you will se that you have entered the installation of C++ as shown in my installation article and video.

You can use the C++ installation steps from this article:

In order to start the application, just start DosBox and type in the following commands:

  1. mount c: c:\
  2. c:
  3. cd borlandc
  4. cd bin
  5. bc.exe

The software should start and work just fine. Good luck on your coding.

PS: If you have any complaints, just use the comment form bellow. Don’t forget to mention your PC configuration so it will be easier for me to answer your concerns.


Installing Borland C++ on dosBox: The solution for “too many subdirectories press esc”

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