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How to force Google Chrome to remember your login data (usernames and passwords)


Well, this might be one of the reasons for which most of the Mozilla Firefox users prefer to use the same software even if it’s a common fact that Google Chrome’s speed and resource needs are more efficient than most of the other browsers. The problem is that Chrome cannot remember all of the necessary user data.

For instance, I, myself as a programmer, need to constantly check my cPanel accounts in order to debug my websites. At first I used Firefox and I could easily access all of my accounts without being forced to memorize all of my security settings. I switched to Google Chrome and imported all of my data. Chrome can now autofill my log-in fields, but it does so only for the imported accounts and not so much for the new ones. I recon this is a global problem.


The solution?

Well, there is an extension for that. It is called LastPass and it can be downloaded from the Chrome Store as well as the official website.


This extension is practically a password vault in which users can add all of their login data from various websites. Of course, you’ll have to use a master password and you’ll have to make sure it is easy to remember and “unhackable”. Once you’ve lost it you may as well consider all of your accounts as compromised.

The vault is as safe as it can be, but no one could ever protect a basic user from his own mistakes (like giving your passwords to a friend “just because”). 


Well, there are many upsides. Every time you log-in onto a specific website, LastPass will ask you (as Chrome did before) if you would like to save your log-in data to the vault. When you will come back to the login page after you disconnected, LastPass will ask you if you want to auto-fill the empty fields with the data you stored before.

LastPass can also import your browser stored data, even if you don’t have the extension installed on all of them. For example: I installed the extension only for Google Chrome, but it also importend the stored data from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

There are also desktop apps, mobile apps and web apps from which you can manage your data. 


  1. download the Lastpass software from the official website and install it
  2. create an account with LastPass 
  3. import your current data (from firefox, chrome or i.e.
  4. optional: you may need to activate the extentions from google chrome‘s settings
  5. enjoy!