How often should you post on your blog in order for your readers to become active

This is one of the biggest questions a person should ask before starting a blog: “How often do I have to post so that my users will become alive?”. The mentality of your readers surely differs from one niche to another.

Posting frequency on niched blogs

By posting high quality articles from your niche, users will come back and become active no matter when you post. Of course, you shouldn’t leave your blog behind after posting 2 or 3 articles. A niched blog should have at least one article per week in order to gain influence among those who are searching for the specified domain.

A general blog, like, for instance, must be updated at least 2-3 times a week, but no more than one post per day. Many bloggers still consider that a professional blogger should post about 2-3 articles per day in order to become an A-Lister, but that’s actually a myth. In order to write a high quality article, you will need to spend a lot of time by doing research for your articles.

Still, many of the famous bloggers consider that a professional blogger should post at least one article a day and that article should be scheduled for the time in which the site is most visited. Others say that a blogger should post at least three articles in order for the users to come back.

Susan Gunelius, guide, posted an article in which she claimed that “High Blog Posting Frequency Can Attract New Visitors”. However, this will not guarantee a series of active users, rather than a form of SEO. Blog posting and articles is consider by many SEO specialists as an easier way to get indexed in search engines. Therefore, more users will come to your website but the user-reader conversion rate will be very low.

High frequency posting can be considered spam

There is a small difference between posting and spamming. If you’ll post articles based on frequency rather than quality, your readers will notice and they’ll be more tented to unsubscribe from your blog. Imagine that every time you post an article, your subscribers are notified and if that article is not what they expected to be, they might ignore it. If there are more than one, they will consider it to be junk.

Also, you should remember that a high number of posts will increase you bounce rates and the more traffic you gain the less active your user will become. Your fans might not appreciate the low quality posts and they will bounce out.

In conclusion

empty bloggingTry to post only when you have something to say which will interest your readers. Don’t base your articles only on SEO and try to create content based on real research. Also, don’t wait too long before posting again, but give it enough time for users to “digest” the information. Your readers will appreciate it and they will become active by sharing your posts or by leaving comments.

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