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Google drive transfer speeds are up to 10mbps


As I promissed Kim in a comment about G Drive, I tested the new Google service in order to see if the transfer rate is worth giving up on other services. Compared to Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Ubuntu One, Google Drive’s speed is huge. And, when I “say” huge, I mean that I managed to upload a 50 MB (400mb) file in less than 2 minutes.

Of course, the speed has a few fluctuations, but that won’t really matter. First of all, Google has the fastest cloud drive on the market (even if you’ll compare it to DropBox, or Second of all, there are 5GB of free space, which is double the amount offered by Ubuntu One or DropBox. And third, which is the biggest advantage, you can upload files via Windows Explorer – an option available on Ubuntu One.

By far, Google managed to take the best out of the old cloud drives and created one of the best services in this field.