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George Carlin– “Gymnastics is not a sport because Romanians are good at it”


I`m not sure if Carlin thought of this as if it was another joke about mexicans, or if he really meant that Romanians are among the best at gymnastics. It was one of his remarks on sports from the show “Playin with your head”, set in 1986.

In 1984, Romania won 5 gold medals at the Summer Olympics. According to, Ecaterina Szabo and Simona Pauca had both received the golden medal for the balance beam. Ecaterina Szabo also won the vault and the floor in that same edition of the Olympics. On the Rythmic gymnastics, individual all-around, Doina Staiculescu grabbed the silver medal. Also, in the team all-around, the Romanians had won the golden medal with: Lavinia Agache, Laura Cutina, Cristina Elena Grigoraş, Simona Păucă, Mihaela Stănuleţ, Ecaterina Szabo and Anca C. Zotta . “Those were the times”

Actually, since 1976, when Nadia scored the only perfect 10 in the history of the Olympics, Romania’s flag was waved over the gymnastics podium, at least once per edition.

I will update this post after this year’s edition of the Summer Olympics. Good luck, Romania!