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Does your klout score mean anything?


I was wondering if people actually knew how to make an interpretation out of their Klout scores, so I did a little Google research on the matter. There are a few articles on the blogosphere with the exact same title I used for mine, but they only speak on the official Klout information. Answering questions like: “what is influence”, “what is klout” or “how does klout measure influence” was not on my research list.

However, the only good opinion that I found, was the one given by Amy Rose Brown, the author of the article, gave the following verdict:

Paying attention to the rise and fall of your Klout score probably won’t do you any harm, but we don’t feel that there’s any real proof that it’ll help you. Our suggestion? If you choose to pay attention to Klout, pay more attention to influential topics and don’t put too much stock in your numerical Klout score.

So then I took the liberty of testing out for myself and here’s what happened:

On the first few days I started to post pictures and messages on facebook, for which I gathered a few likes. Klout promoted me with a few points. The following day, I posted a lot more, got a lot more likes and a few retweets. Klout, however, thought that my reach of over 2k had nothing to do with influence, so it only gave me a few decimal points. The next week I started writing less, and didn’t get any retweets. Klout saw this “performance” and awarded me with 2-3 points. Next days, same strategy, same awards.

klout score evolution

My verdict

If you take a look at my score analysis, you will see a huge comeback on the last third of the graph. In reality, that was the moment I created my account, so everything before that time is rubbish. Therefor, I think that klout will remain in its beta form for a long time now, because it is next to impossible to measure the real influence that people actually have in social media.