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Daily Mail reporters may have been raped by Romanian Gypsies


After reading the latest article published by Daily Mail’s reporters on a Romanian subject, I concluded my theories on British journalism. I don’t understand how they can manage to insert gypsies in every Romanian related article, but they are doing it so well that I came to think that it is a personal matter. Maybe Daily Mail reporters were molested by Romanian gypsies. Maybe some of them are gypsies themselves, but claim to hate them in order to draw attention to others.

Still, by using their google ranking in the online environment, Daily Mail reporters are associating words like “gypsies, thieves, skimmers, pick pockets” to “Romania”, making the Eastern European country look like the source of all of their problems.

I’m not going to blame the British people for reading this non-sense, nor Google for letting the same non-sense screw up their search engine accuracy, but I am going to blame Romanian journalists for taking Daily Mail as a mainstream source:

Why, in the world, are you willing to promote an article in which you and your mother are being mistaken for beggars, rapists or thieves?

It might not be about my personally, but articles like the ones published on Daily Mail’s online edition can and will affect my future. For that, the Romanian press should highly consider to at least come up with a plan without spreading false information. If the British journalists see that their stupidities are taken so serious, than they will continue to write crap in order to be read:

“Hey, let me put some filth on Romania today. Surely the Romanian press will promote us for free”.