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Best codecs for 2012


If you want your computer to be able to play every movie, no matter the format, at a decent quality, then you must have the following codecs installed:

1. VLC (VideoLan) is one of the best movie players around. It can play most of the video formats and it has an easy-to-use sound booster. You don’t need additional codec packs, but the image quality is not among the best. Also, it has a pretty neat skip frame function which will not allow sound or frame delay during the playback.

2. Windows Media Player Home Cinema – has one of the best functions a movie player should have. It’s called subtitle search and download, and it’s a few clicks away. The player searches for the best subtitle on the web for your movie and will show the user his options. Afterwards the user can select his subtitle and play the movie. Although Windows Media Player Home Cinema has the sound booster and the skip frame option, it won’t work without a proper codec pack. Therefore, you should install K-Lite Codecs Pack – which will include the player and all of the requiered codecs.

3. Windows Media Player – provides one of the best image quality there is. Unfortunatily, the player doesn’t work without additional codecs and, due to the great picture quality, it doesn’t have the skip frame option. It’s probabily the best player for a fast and decent computer. Also, it can only play subtitles if you have Vobsub, a codec which is included in the K-Lite Codecs Pack. You’ll also have to rename the subtitle with the same filename as the movie file and then place it into the movie folder.

In conclusion, a good multimedia computer should have these 4 softwares installed in order to have the best options for playing videos. To remind you again, the softwares are: VideoLAN (freeware), Windows Media Player Home Cinema (included in the K-Lite Codecs Pack), Windows Media Player (preinstalled with Microsoft Windows) and K-Lite Codecs Pack which is also a freeware.