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A second Hard Disk can improve your computer’s speed more than a RAM upgrade


A lot of people are asking if a RAM upgrade will improve the speed of their personal computers. The answer to this is not really that clear so let’s just say that it might.

Of course, there are a lot of ways you can take to improve your computer’s speed. One of the most important is to get yourself a top speed hard disk. If you can have two of them, than you are certainly on the right path.

First of all, think about the fact that your HDD is the one from which the information is sent to RAM, from which processes are started and from which your operating system is booting up. This is only the beginng. Afterwards, every software you use, or process you’ll start, will involve the HDD. This will build-up a lot of loading and spinning, so your computer will start to run slower and slower.

Eventhough a SSD will help a lot, there is one alternative. This will involve two HDDs: one for storing and running your softwares including the operating system, and one for storing and playback: downloading files, copying, moving, saving to or simply running other software that don’t necessarily need to be installed on the OS partition. One example could be Photoshop.

By doing this, you will separate system processes from user processes and you’ll manage to create a balance for your HDD load. Translation: you won’t run all of your processes from the same drive, and the HDD load won’t affect your computer’s speed as much.

You can also use secondary drives such as USB or memory cards, but the difference won’t be noticeable. Well, that is if you don’t own a USB 3.0 port and drive. In that case, you could just use an external drive.

Just make sure you’ll use this advice before you decide on the upgrade components for your computer’s speed up.