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Sentences With

Aptitude For Matters: The three example questions that follow will help you determine if your have a reasonable aptitude for patent matters at a level necessary to pass the Patent Bar Exam.

Germ Pathogen: Contamination, Danger Zone, Foodborne Illness, Food Code, Food Safety, Four Steps to Food Safety, Freezing, Germ, Handwashing, Pathogen, and Refrigeration.

Whatever Seems Appropriate: Offer to do their laundry, buy their food, or whatever seems appropriate.

As For Which: As for which is most accepted, I think it comes down to focus areas.

The Designs Was: The boundary values used in the designs was based on the results from the previous study results, and also from the Pilot Survey.

Was Previously And Subsequently: Subsequently, the funding was cut to about a quarter of what had previously been provided, and it has never recovered.

Buffalo Springfield For What It Worth: An encore started with a cover of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and ended with Rock's signature "Bawit- daba.".

Sink Tube: Cutting the Chrome Sink Tube.

Let Have A Toast: Let us have a toast to one of the best men I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Master's Bedroom: The master's bedroom is equipped with a king-size bed while the secondary bedroom has two double-size beds.

He Did Listening: Therefore he did not want to waste any more time listening and told Juan that he should return another day when there was more opportunityto talk.

Lexicon Of Techniques: Adhesives is a bit of a dirty word in the public lexicon, but in truth our hatred is of bad adhesives and bad techniques.

To Encourage Further Investigations: The use of such lists has been considered acceptable to encourage further investigations into the activities of a certain group deemed as terrorist.

Forge A Better Understanding: The aim is to forge a better understanding and help overcome the current gridlock on the most divisive issues.

Bandeaus: Bandeaus are sleeveless and more of a young and sexy look and the necklines usually rest just above the cleavage.

Goodbye Lunch For: Organize a goodbye lunch for the employee and his division or unit, or invite all staff members if your business is small enough.

Is Held Annually: Elegance of Southwest Michigan is held annually on the second Saturday in August.

Moral Obligation: Most states do not recognize moral obligation as consideration, as there is no acceptable method of setting the parameters of moral duty.

Particu: For the state to introduce a confession or to convict the accused, it must prove a corpus delicti, that is, the occurrence of a specific injury or loss and a criminal act as the source of that particu

Will Change As Of: My life will change as of when i read the artical.

Dixon: Dixon, Boston Housing Court, No.

Rilievi: Or until php rilievi.

Pharisee: Pharisee according to the strictest sect of our religion.

Things Started To Unravel: It was hence doubly tragic to see the whole process unravel so quickly, once things started going wrong again.

This Is In Addition To: This is in addition to the steel frame it has for extra protection.

Thus Means: The apostle thus means that, when Jesus became a man, He was subject to the same terms, forces, and conditions that any other man is.

Benedicti: Quinta Vita Benedicti XII.

Reflects An Overview: This list reflects an overview of many instructional strategies currently used in our classrooms.

Need Not Only: Computer engineers need not only to understand how computer systems themselves work but also how they integrate into the larger picture.

Pose Ourselves: For example, when we embark on a research project, we may not even know the precise questions we should pose ourselves and the precise quantities to measure will become clear only over time.

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