Sentences With Words

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Sentences With

Have Been Enriched: This reads like a case study that could have been enriched by including other types of data gathered from others engaging with this team to broaden the understanding of the collaboration.


Paulette: As a child, Paula and her twin sister Paulette, enjoyed spending their time together and shared everything.

It Was Enjoyable To Watch: It was enjoyable to watch, though his eventual death was just as satisfying.

Nottoway: This collection documents the everyday life of the Shore and related Epes, Fitzgerald, and Ward families of Nottoway County.

Urushi: The last person to reveal the method was assassinated by the League of Urushi Masters.

Waiting To Be Awakened: The evil lies dormant, waiting to be awakened.

Is Closely Constrained: Similarly, societies being geographically constrained, the spatial dimension of cultural adaptation is closely related to the environment within which the society is embedded.

Reality Show The: John Bray is an accomplished boxing trainer on the TV Reality Show The Contender and founder of the John Bray Boxing Foundation.

Be Acknowledged And Dealt: If it is, then it needs to be acknowledged and dealt with.

Spur A Discussion: In History class, this question may be used to spur a discussion on the evolution of the legality of certain human rights, of the importance of universal rights, or of the concept of democracy.

A Major Factor For: Gas prices are unlikely to be a major factor for people in determining whether they will travel this Labor Day.

As Is Obligatory With: All effort should be made to have the legally required information on the primary packaging, with any inclusions being the exception and, as the information is obligatory, presented with the product.

Skirrow: In: Pearson AD, Skirrow MB, Lior H, Rowe B, eds.

Once She Has: She hopes she will be able to make a meaningful contribution to society one day and that climate change can be stopped, so that she can still ski once she has retired.

Grande Escolha: Apesar da grande concorru00eancia no mercado, a escolha desta empresa u00e9 uma soluu00e7u00e3o racional a longo prazo.

Rally A Team: Make a list of all the times you were called upon to rally a team, win over an audience, or act as the point person on a complex project.

Principle Of Saturation: The number of participants was determined by the principle of saturation whereby we continued recruiting participants until no new themes emerged.

Dropped In Favour Of: Plot threads are not dropped in favour of continuing to follow characters, characters are dropped as the plot ebbs and flows.

This Was Substantially: This was substantially less than that earned by his white co-workers.

Compensation Retaliation: Represent freight and logistics company in case alleging workers compensation retaliation and wage payment act violations under West Virginia law.

Vade Mecum: Chers collu00e8gues, Vade mecum.

Agree On A Diagnosis: The professionals who treat the child may not be able to agree on a diagnosis, and the diagnosis may keep changing especially as the child develops.

Being Free From: Issues in ethics and information systems is the state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion social problems has.

Stairless: Design at least one entrance of your home so that it is stairless.

What Have I Done To U: Single Ace unto Sise Cinque, So short am I of what Nick U ood hath done, That having ended I have scarce begun; For I have written but a Taste in this To shew the Readers where, and what he is.

The Notorious One: It was called The Notorious One Man Orgy, and I wondered what the other members solo records would be called?.

Fetiches: Amos Gitai, que retrata uma estrutura de arquitetura futurista, contempla os fetiches e a solidu00e3o no hotel.

Cut Off Access: Nothing happens to the consumer, but that is the leverage point in this industry, the MLS threatens to cut off access to the brokerage, to us.

Thinking Further: Study Hints for Thinking Further, a study guide for teachers, discusses the.

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