Sentences with “their”, “there” and “they’re”

  1. I wonder how much does this count from their point of view.
  2. He wanted their opinion instead of mine.
  3. You tried too much to earn their trust.

  1. The book is over there.
  2. There I was, standing in the middle of the rain.
  3. I suggest you go there and try to settle things befor it’s too late.

  1. They’re going to the opera despite the bad reviews.
  2. I don’t know if they concluded or if they’re still thinking about it.
  3. They’re writing down every suggestion.




  • Diana commented on January 26, 2013 Reply

    It is really helpful for kids to learn diffrant examples of sentences.

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    i made my own ones from these it was soo helpful

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  • Ally commented on October 18, 2014 Reply

    It should have had more creative sentences…

  • lilly commented on November 30, 2014 Reply

    soooo rubbish it does not help i lern how to do it as im i saw a poo

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    This site really helped me because I have a spelling test and my mom said if I get a 100 then she will take me and my brother somewhere and my brother have to make a 100 too.

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